We have had the honor and privilege to have selected old world talent craft artists to display their crafts for exhibit and purchase. 


William Sandell

Los Angeles native, Bill Sandell grew up with a passion for inventing and building gadgets. As a child, he was mesmerized by things such as Rube Goldberg machines. Sandell designed his first complete kinetic piece in a college art class and has been designing and building these pieces for 45 years. There are approximately 80 to 90 pieces that we has created and sold into collections around the country. What is consistent throughout his pieces is what Sandell describes as “a primitive feel of an old circus or ‘carny’ game, built for some odd purpose, a purpose the viewer might puzzle over.” Sandell’s signature is the creation of unique and engaging pieces of kinetic art. Sandell describes his style saying, “I like art that reaches out and waves to you”

Many of Sandell’s pieces incorporate movement that is powered by springs or motors. These pieces are often noisy, producing the sound of squeaking and rattling. Sandell’s passion for the arts eventually led him to a career in film as a Production Designer that has lasted for over 40 years. As a Production Designer, Sandel was responsible for the overall look of the film and during this time he has designed thousands of incredible sets. He has received high praise for his work on films such as “Robo-Cop”, “Total Recall”, “Hocus Pocus” to name a few as well as receiving the BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) for his work on “Master and Commander.” Lately, Sandell has returned to his artistic roots in building kinetic sculptures. Sandell declares a common ground between his career in art and film, stating the two are essentially the same. He describes the connection between building sculpture and designing sets by saying, “those sets are just bigger version of the whirling, clanking, squeaking assemblage boxes I’ve been building my whole life”.


Eric Mack

Eric Mack is a retired, USAF, aircraft mechanic. He has no formal training in woodworking or cabinetry, but has a certain eye for edgy, wood built novelties using rusty screws and nails, rough-cut lumber, and vintage Americana. While in the military there was always an opportunity to build and create things from the old wood he found, however, Uncle Sam’s need always came first.

Retiring in 2009, and opening a successful vintage style store for craft/picker types in New Mexico, he was able to further improve upon his skill set of building unique pieces of Americana using things he found at auctions, estate sales, salvage yards, and even super small town shops! Things on the side of the road are not beyond his attention! Too, many farmhouse doors in the middle of nowhere have been knocked on to ask about the pile of lumber and rusted out salvage in the front yard!

Everyday things that had a prior use, have a second life as something outside of its original purpose; functionally or artistically, while still holding on to the warm vintage feel of the 50’s, 60’s and even 70’s!

Living and enjoying the warm air, and never ending picking of original Americana in the southwest (New Mexico and Texas, mostly) for 11years, Eric returned home to his native Pasadena, in March 2013 to try his hand in building his unique pieces once again here in Southern California.

More of this art can be found on Instagram: “2nd Life Vintage”


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